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Project Description
The Owner & Organisation Editor makes it easy to view and edit the names of the registered owner and registered organization for your Windows OS. Normally entered during the setup for the eon. With this UO Editor you can change them in the post setup era.

UO Editor stands for User and Organization Editor.

How to view the Registered Owner and Registered Organization?
They are shown at the bottom on the About Windows dialog. Enter WinVer in any command promt to show the dialog.



Why should I change the Registered Owner or Registered Organization?
Some applications are using this information at setup or runtime as preselection. To avoid mistakes it is much better if these Information are correct.

Please think about these cases:
  • You have not entered an organization name at setup at all.
  • You have changed your current organization
  • You have bought a preinstalled PC. (This is my Case)
  • You have made a typo during setup.

Why UO Editor
I figured out that a so called registry hack is needed to change these two values afterwards. I don't like to force users to edit their windows registry by hand. So I wrote this super small Application to do the needed changes for you in a foolproof way.

UI Editor uses xCopy Deployment, offers an intuitive ease of use and is open source.


It's free and easy. Enjoy!

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